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The big idea

The internet promised to be a great leveller for businesses; reducing barriers to entry in old industries, allowing new entrants and small players to compete on a level playing field and cause disruption where inefficiency reigned.

But instead big companies have become bigger companies and the first mover in a new market has taken the prize.

Our vision is to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to compete with big companies and disrupt their industry through the technological advantage that only small, fast moving teams can create. Stratoworks is here to find and produce simple solutions for entrepreneurs with complex problems and to do so at a competitive price.

Ashley Lansdowne Goodman

About Ashley

After a career in banking, financial publishing and an internet agency. Ashley started his entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago, he has been a trusted advisor and head of technology for a number of start-ups. He speaks plain English, always has an eye on the bigger picture, and thrives in complexity.

Outside of work Ashley is a sailor, sailing instructor and on the committee of his local sailing club; he is a keen skier, father of 3, and a committed fundraiser for a local charity close to his heart.

I have been very impressed with the final results and have found the process easy and straight forward

Sarah Seagar, Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment

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