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Your online presence (website, social media, blog) is there to raise your profile and attract targeted clients. But what if your best efforts aren't working? First make sure that you're tracking your website, a tool like google analytics is best. With a plethora of data you'll be able to see where your website visitors are coming from, what’s attracting them and whether they're staying. Next, consider which of these explains your problem:

  1. Your niche is ill defined or too wide. If your niche is too wide potential clients and candidates won't understand what you stand for and won't believe they need your service. We come across a lot of recruitment companies with a really great niche, but they’re not prepared to own it for fear of driving away other business – their websites and social media give no clue to their niche and perfect clients are left confused. We’ll be the first to admit that not every agency needs a specific niche but it’ll make marketing your business a lot easier
  2. Your brand, marketing and website doesn't reflect or communicate your niche.We worked with one company with an incredibly narrow, perfectly defined niche - on the phone it's owner/manager gave a perfect pitch, but the website was unclear. The company name was generic and gave no clue to it's niche, the branding didn't reflect their niche and on the home page you had to work hard to work out what the company did. Unsurprisingly visitors weren't staying long enough to find out. They had a great niche but weren't prepared to own it.
  3. Your marketing doesn't appeal to your clients. Perhaps you're not marketing at all, but if you are is it in the right places? Start by defining your ideal clients and candidates then it will be far easier to write content that will work for them.
  4. Your website is attracting but not retaining. Most visitors to your website will like what you do, but not be ready to do business with you now. It's essential that you collect their contact details and contact them regularly or the effort you've put in to attracting them in the first place will have been for nothing. People don't like parting with their contact details, so you'll need to provide a very compelling free gift in exchange - eBooks, newsletters or a free consultation work well, but we've found our test the most effective of all.
  5. Are you publishing enough? This is a numbers game - you need to be visible to your ideal clients and candidates frequently. You should be publishing your content on your blog and on social media at least weekly. If not, you're probably not getting enough website visitors in the first place.

And a bonus reason:

You don’t understand your ideal client. We’ve touched on this before, but if you don’t understand your ideal client and candidate intimately how can you expect to craft a message, website and communications that will attract them? To start with try answering these questions:

1.   How old is your ideal client?

2.   Are they male, female or is this irrelevant?

3.   Where do they shop?

4.   Where do they hangout online?

5.   What sort of car do they drive?

6.   What do they do for fun?

7.   What are their aspirations?

8.   What are their career aspirations?

9.   What are their fears?

10. What is their salary?

11. What is their relationship status?

12. Do they have children?


We find that most clients who come to us are failing on at least one of the points above, but it’s difficult to stand back and take an objective look at a something you’re too close too. An analytical approach to your marketing will help you work out where your problems are and in this endeavour Google Analytics is your friend. There is a lot to be learned from the best of your current clients too – if you haven’t already, your first task should be to fully understand your ideal client, If you can answer the questions above you’ll be a lot closer to producing communications that will attract your ideal client.

If you're still bewildered reach out to us.

About the author

Ashley Lansdowne Goodman

Ashley has worked in the tech industry since the late 1990's. He's obsessed with new technology and it's implications for small and medium sized businesses.

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