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If you own a successful company you’re probably facing more competition than ever before.

In  most industries barriers to entry have never been lower. There is nothing to stop your star performer leaving today and looking like a plausible alternative to you tomorrow. CRM’s are cheaper than ever, LinkedIn has helped level the playing field and anyone can look like a big business with a forwarded phone number, a shared office address, a cheap WordPress website and stock photos.

Bland companies are missing out on clients, and making it harder to recruit for their own teams. I speak to businesses every day and I’m resoundingly hearing that they are struggling to tell the players from the extras.

But if you’re an established business you have a massive advantage, you have the budget and the time to spend on branding, a team to help, resources to publish, an established network and hopefully a well established market niche.

Do these things and you’ll be less bland, more on brand and people will love you for it:

  1. Understand what your brand stands for – you probably do already
  2. Have your website designed – templates are for start-ups on a small budget and people CAN tell the difference
  3. Don’t use stock photographs
  4. Have photographs taken of you and your team – not just head shots but photographs that show your personality – if you all look awful and don’t actually have a personality that still tells a story!
  5. Own your niche – it’s yours so tell the world
  6. Above all, be authentic

About the author

Ashley Lansdowne Goodman

Ashley has worked in the tech industry since the late 1990's. He's obsessed with new technology and it's implications for small and medium sized businesses.

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